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Two new primary schools in Birmingham receive the Sanctuary Award

In June, two Birmingham primary schools received the Sanctuary Award.

Laura Prosser first contacted us during her summer holidays two years ago and has worked hard to embed the principles of Schools of Sanctuary at Cromwell J&I School in Nechells. As well as working in her own school, she is part of the team which is supporting a neighbouring school which is also working towards the Award.

Chandos Primary School in Highgate receives many asylum-seeking and refugee pupils (with a turnover in the academic year 2018-19 of about 20%). The school has a skilled and dedicated staff who provide support to the children and their parents in all aspects of life both inside and outside the school, and all the pupils are eager to welcome and support new arrivals.

Laura Prosser from Cromwell J&I School in Birmingham with the school’s Sanctuary Award, received on 13th June 2019.

Chandos Primary School in Highgate received the Sanctuary Award on 18th June.