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Asylum seekers reporting in the West Midlands are supported by a local group in Solihull with refreshments, conversation and advice.

The Solihull Welcome is a Drop-in Centre run by the Solihull Churches Asylum Seekers Support Group (SCASSG). We offer hospitality to those seeking sanctuary in the UK after they have signed at the Solihull Reporting Centre.
The Welcome started in December 2006 when local people noticed the long queues waiting outside to sign in all weathers and is now open every Wednesday and Friday.
We meet in a church hall just three minutes walk away. We offer free refreshments, clothes, and toys for children; an opportunity to talk; and dry food for people who are destitute.
We sign-post people to other organisations where further help and advice may be obtained and all this happens in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere.
Now, typically between twenty and hundred people attend on either Wednesday and Friday. Of course, everyone is welcome regardless of religion or ethnicity and we have welcomed people from over 70 countries, including Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia and DR Congo.