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In a press release today, 15th March 2022, the Birmingham City of Sanctuary Committee issued the following press release:

Ukraine Temporary Protection

Birmingham City of Sanctuary calls upon the Government urgently to introduce Temporary Protection  under  UK Immigration Rule 355 (see below) for all Ukrainian nationals or residents fleeing the war zone and arriving in the UK.

We believe access to Temporary Protection must be accorded for three years (renewable annually) irrespective of whether there has been a prior application for the Family Scheme or Private Sponsor Visa or for Asylum. Asylum or Ukraine Temporary Protection must remain available to all applicants without discrimination regarding the means of arrival at the UK border.

Temporary Protection for 3 years must carry a right of appeal in case of initial refusal, as is already the case with other asylum and immigration refusals.

We also call for the removal of Clause 11 of the Nationality and Borders Bill, currently going through Parliament, and will be expressing this publicly outside Carrs Lane Church Centre on Monday 21st March between 11.00 and 12 noon.

David Brown, Chair, Birmingham City of Sanctuary Committee

15th March 2022

For further information, contact [email protected]